DNSBL - ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
This zone contains data regarding the ISO3166 countrycode and BGP Autonomous System for any given IPv4 or IPv6 address. Every wednesday, RIR allocation statistics are downloaded for the RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and AFRINIC regions and this data is combined with a route-dump of the default free zone, as seen from AS12859.

The following records are generated:

  • CC.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl and CC.v6.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
    • A records, for prefixes registered in country with ISO3166 code NL
    • TXT records to a tuple of "AS=12859 URL=http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/"
  • ASn.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl and ASn.v6.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
    • A records, for all prefixes from the given AS
    • TXT records to a tuple of "CC=NL URL=http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/"
  • all.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl and all.v6.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
    • A records 127.0.0.X, where X is a unique number per CC or 255 for unknown prefixes
    • TXT records to a tuple of "AS=12859 CC=NL URL=http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/", for all prefixes
Please note that the CC and ASn (noted in green above) must be substituted with either ISO 3166 countrycodes (ie, NL for the Netherlands) or AS numbers (ie, AS12859 for BIT bv). The zonefile is published every thursday at around 02:00 UTC, and contains approximately 10 million records. Examples of these are:\\